Celebrating Life!

At Always Perpekto! we believe every child's birthday should be celebrated.  With every wedding or event planning package purchased we contribute a portion to our Always Perpekto! Birthday Kits.  We understand that not all children are fortunate enough to have a day to call their own.  There are situations that make this sometimes financially difficult such as sudden loss of income, children living in foster care/group homes, homeless situations or struggling single parent homes. If you know a child who has a birthday coming up and his or her parents could use a little help to CELEBRATE their child, we ask that you please nominate them today to receive an Always Perpekto! Birthday Kit. Our kits include a birthday cake, supplies to make this a festive, memorable day + a gift for the birthday boy/girl. Every client allows us to help CELEBRATE the life of one of these special children!  


To nominate a child for an Always Perpekto! Birthday Kit drop us a few lines with:

The child's name, age, date of birth, city the child resides and a few cool facts about him or her.