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Growing up I was the "birthday party queen!" I LOVED celebrating my birthday and celebrating everyone around me. At an early age I believed it wasn't a celebration if you didn't have balloons, a yummy birthday cake and of course friends and family by your side.

It wasn't untill a few years ago I realized not everyone has a birthday celebration. I knew people didn't always celebrate their birthday but I thought it was by choice. I was surprised to hear how many adults never had any type of celebration on their birthday. I was truly saddened by this because as I reflect on my life, birthdays were always those special days where I felt loved, appreciated and spoiled because it was was "my day!"

After doing research I realized there are alot of children who do not have the chance to be celebrated whether the reason is they are in foster care/group homes, homeless, living in a low income home, or maybe their parents are in the midst of a rough patch. My goal is to give these kids hope. To create a memory that will hopefully last a lifetime. To let them know their lives are worthy to be celebrated. To give them one day to forget about their worries and remember they are special and that their life should be celebrated.

Since one of my goals for this year is to use my talents to give back I have created the Celebrating Life program. A portion of every wedding or event we book will go towards our Birthday Kit for a deserving child. Our personalized kits include a birthday cake, balloons, a gift for the birthday child and a few other special treats.

This is how we can use your help:

  1. Spread the word, the more weddings + events we book the more memories we can create for these special children. Share this post with your social media friends or anyone you know who is planning a wedding or event. Not only will your friends receive

  2. If you know a child you would like to surprise with one of our Birthday Kits please email us at info@alwaysperpekto.com with the following information: Your name, contact info., the childs name, birthdate, age on birthdate, city the child lives in, and a few lines telling us why this child deserves this celebration. We will do our best to accomodate every entry.

Thank you for helping us to help others. One quick share and you have no clue how many people you can

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